Why You Hate the Upper West Side

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I wrote this post a fair while ago (2020), as part of an elegy to my stint in New York City.
It is part of my answer to the age old question, ‘How could you leave New York?’ (pandemic notwithstanding)

Average representation of the UWS (northerly bits)
Average representation of the UWS (northerly bits)

You stop to catch your breath inside the shoebox you call “a New York City apartment,” arriving again at the realization that the city is unspeakably lonely.

You scarf down two pizza slices on paper plates, thinking back to your near run-ins with Empire State Building ticket hawkers and tourists who suddenly stop in the middle of the sidewalk, and you shudder.

Some days it feels like it's only through advance planning and effort that people connect with anyone at all. Your breath is caught, but maybe it wishes to escape again. You think to yourself, “what's it all for?”

At least you have your neighborhood?

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Nebraska's Toadstool Geological Park

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Toadstool Geologic Park, located in the Oglala National Grassland is a fantastic little underappreciated gem of Badlands in Northwestern Nebraska.

I visited it on my trip to Seattle and took a bazillion photos, which I'll now share with you, dear reader.

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Badlands National Park

✍️ 🕑 September 14-15, 2021 • Series: Go West, Young Lad • Tags: prairie dogsbadlandswildlife photographybird photographytourist trapsNational ParksBadlands National Park • Places: Badlands National Park Wall Drug Sage Creek Campground

When I entered South Dakota, in my mind, at least, I was far west enough to start hitting some really famous national parks, and some really beautiful places. (And for that matter, some 80 mph speed limits on the Interstates...)

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I remember visiting the Badlands as a kid, and I was stoked to return.

Left Tailrace

✍️ 🕑 September 13-14, 2021 • Series: Go West, Young Lad • Tags: bird photographyU.S. Politicslakesdisplacementdams • Places: Left Tailrace

After a lovely day eating cheese curds, visiting Pipestone National Monument, and stopping by the World's Only Corn Palace, I drove on to my campground for the night: Left Tailrace.

It's an Army Corps of Engineers-created campground, located very close to the Big Bend Hydroelectric Dam and its reservoir, Lake Sharpe.

Shores of the lake
Shores of the lake

It was only at some point after I hastily reserved my campsite that I learned of the area's sad history...