52 Frames (January 2022)

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So begins another year of weekly photographic challenges, which I intend to keep doing on a week-by-week basis for as long as I can keep it up, or am motivated to do so.

A few of these are similar to some challenges from last year, and in my opinion, I have bested myself at nearly every turn. 😊

Let’s see if you agree!

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1. Self-Portrait

I returned from the east for holidays, and on one weekend morning, before I got around to enjoying the sunshine, I had to snap a self-portrait.

I used a Happy Light in place of actual photographic lighting, and am posing in front of a wall map that a very good friend gave me as a Christmas gift.


I wanted to wear my sunglasses, as I had done that in last year’s shot. Unfortunately, they have an issue.

One of the lenses came out of the frame as a result of a catastrophic fall on an airport escalator on the way back from Thanksgiving, and I guess it was replaced in such a way that it isn’t properly polarized currently.

What this meant is that in straight-ahead shots, I was effectively looking through sunglasses glass with my one eye, and transparent glass with the other. And, unless I change my name to Dr. Lawrence Jacoby, that ain’t a good look.

So, I went for a sideways shot.

In other self-critique, I’m a bit back lit, and my front lighting doesn’t compensate for it. The lines are a bit wonky, and there’s a bunch of junk behind me.

But, I think it captures the mood, and my essence better than last year.

2. Hello From…

By this point in the month, I was out and about, trying to visit the Redwoods, and catch a break of sunshine in California.

I lacked the ability to really curate or edit my photos, as I was staying in a tent, so I picked this one at random, tweaked it slightly on my iPhone, and uploaded it… still from my tent.

It’s a sunset at Agate Beach in Sue-meg State Park near Eureka, California.

Agate Beach, Sunset

You’ll see more of that… later.

3. Complimentary Colors

Again, this theme is similar to one from last year.

In March’s edition, I was supposed to focus on a color relationship, and picked blue and orange as complimentary colors, over this photo of a dirt-biker.

This year’s photo also focused on a vehicle, with complimentary colors, with a similar relationship.

Substitute blue and orange for teal and orange.

Substitute a dirt bike in the distance for a vintage fifth wheel up close.

And, substitute some hyper-saturated post-processing for a more subtle-y unnatural picture profile from Sigma Photo Pro, and the result is…

Teal & Orange Fifth Wheel in Oregon

I saw this fifth wheel parked outside the Pacific City Library (in Pacific City, Oregon), coincidentally the same exact place where I wanted to use the Wifi to join a work meeting before checking into my hotel later in the day.

I parked as far away from it as possible, and took a few close-up wide-angle shots.

I’m not sure that this is the best framing I could have done, but I think it shows some aspects of the vehicle well. I wanted a head-on look, but I still wanted to show a bit of the profile.

I am sure that I am very happy with how this turned out in terms of presenting complimentary colors.

4. Minimalism

I came back from Oregon, a bit tired, and a bit weary after a lot of running around.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered I was sick, and a few days later, I tested positive for COVID-19 on a self-administered rapid test. It felt almost as if all my efforts to avoid people had been for not.

But, at least my symptoms seemed mild, and I am hoping for a swift recovery.

In any case, this means that for my entire week of photography, I didn’t left the apartment, save for occasionally checking the mail.

So in many senses I was practicing minimalism: doing minimal things, thinking minimal thoughts, being minimally inspired to take photographs…

Then, I got to the point where I had to do something for this challenge.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

It’s an envelope with a peak of a card that my friend Rebecca once gave me. It adorns my fridge thusly.

I used an on-camera flash, titled to offset, which I realized meant that a full shot of the envelope would have a crooked shadow.

And that finishes this week. And this month.

Thanks for reading!

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