Wednesday Web Round-up (December 18, 2019)

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Where am I on the internet? What am I reading? Link-roundups are a chance for me to compile some of that information togther. The articles may not directly match my perspective, but they do raise interesting questions.

This roundup's articles are on big tech's love affair with big oil, ethical quandries of western tourists visiting Syria, and whether big companies should be able to buy naming rights to mass transit stations...

Hello, World

site updates

Six years ago, I started writing a blog called Steve in Turkey.

My primary goal was to document my first experience studying abroad, or even just spending time in a country outside of North America.

Realistically, though, I had a few more important priorities in mind.

I needed to assuage my mother's anxieties, document countless waffle photographs, and occasionally post something.

Well, that was then and this is now. My blog has changed, and my goals have changed as well...