Corporate Espionage (Music Video)

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I made a music video out of footage that I shot whilst driving from Pennsylvania to Washington State.

I think it's amongst the best songs that I've written. In fact, it's one of the very, very few that can be classified as an earnest and heartfelt love song...

Here it is:

Corporate Espionage (Music Video)
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For more information on locations & travels, check out posts in the series, "Go West Young Lad".

And continue reading for the full lyrics...

I will fly on a jumbo jet
to the corporate HQ.
And I will fly business class
on my way to you.

I'll make my way to Birmingham,
and I'll make my presence known.
And I will climb to the top of the tower,
take a selfie with O-Zone.

I know things about them
that their parents don't.
Not because they haven't told them
and not because they won't.

We will read about the field and the plow,
and we will tear these systems apart.
And I will spill my corporate secrets,
and I'll win your heart.

Thanks for reading!

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