Evans City Cemetary & (Pittsburgh Stop)

✍️ 🕑 September 5 to 7, 2021 • Series: Go West, Young LadAttractions of Pennsylvania • Tags: pittsburghgeorge romerocemetary • Places: Evans City Cemetary

Before I departed westward, I had spent a long time thinking about different places I could visit on my way. I messaged friends. I got free travel brochures from nearly every state that I could cross through, and soon delighted friends and family with fun facts about Wisconsin's Rustic Roads, or, say, Ohio's state fruit. (The tomato!)

When push came to shove, well, I had a fairly detailed plan up until Minnesota. But, it was tricky to balance work, packing, and planning, especially when I wasn't sure when my car would be ready

My first stop would of course be Pittsburgh, where it soon turned out that the first person I was planning to visit and possibly stay with was in self-quarantine after a potential COVID exposure at a wedding.

With notions of alternate plans and fabulous hipster pizza in mind, I hit the pike -- the Pennsylvania Turnpike, to be more precise, and soon rolled into town.

A Soggy Start

✍️ 🕑 Late August through September 5, 2021 • Series: Go West, Young Lad • Tags: east paautomotive foibles • Places: Colmar, PA

In this post, I'm kicking off a series describing various stops on my way west to Seattle, a journey that took three weeks, spanned 4,400 miles, and crossed 14 U.S. states.

Except, of course, before I could leave, I had to hang out at my parents' house and pack. Lord knows, we need a blog post specifically devoted to that, right?

On Two Months In Seattle (or Balancing the Light and the Darkness)

✍️ 🕑 October & November 2021 • Series: Steve in Seattle • Tags: beautiful viewsseattlesquirrelnoguchifall foliagelife updatesvolunteer park • Places: Volunteer Park

Image On Where-Is-Steve

It's been a wee little while since I last posted about my current status, dreams, whereabouts, etc. Let's rectify that!

I spent a lot of my first week, and then my first month rushing around trying to get my proverbial _____ together. I'm almost settled, except for the fact that I occasionally remember that I'm lacking something basic like a clothes hamper, or that I still haven't hung my giant teardrop-shaped nazar on the wall.

So, how is Seattle so far?

Site Updates & Future Content

site updates

Hello, readers!

This is a brief announcement that my hiatus from posting anything but the bare minimum has now ended. I am returning to my wiley ways of sporadically updating the website when I see fit, ideally about things that happened two months ago.

I'd like to forewarn that upcoming content will be temporally muddled, as I plan to simultaneously cover my present and recent past(s), while doubling back to post content that has sat in my drafts folder forever.

Pay attention to the "SERIES: " information at the top or bottom of the post if you get lost.

Meanwhile are a few technical improvements that I've implemented on the backend of the site. Some of them should be readily apparent.

The main one is that there is now a "map" page, which contains a map populated with points which link back to my posts. It was a fun challenge to figure out how to embed geographical coordinates in headers to my markdown files, and automatically aggregate them into an interactive map (using the OpenLayers javascript library.)

I might write a post some day on how it's implemented, but since I decided to go ahead and ship my minimally viable product without a fair deal of refactoring and improvements, well.. I'mma hold off for now.

A less noticeable improvement is that when you click "continue reading" on a post, it will now send you to the point where the introductory text stopped. I don't know why it took me two years to fix that. But it did.

As for other changes, hopefully you won't notice them.

Steve out!

52 Frames (October 2021)

✍️ 🕑 October 2021 • Series: 52 Frames

Another month has whooshed by. During October, lots of things happened.

And heck, the same is true of the preceding months as well.

I'm in progress adding yet more pointless website features and also editing a music video, so one of these days I will eventually update this blog for reasons other than a perfunctory post about my 52 Frames photos.

Until then, I hope you're ready for FIVE pictures from the last FIVE weeks out here in the PNDubs.

52 Frames (September 2021)

✍️ 🕑 September 2021 • Series: 52 Frames • Tags: travel photographywyoming

Oh dear! I'm a day late posting this again.

Well, my excuse is simple. I never actually memorized how many days are in a month. So, despite knowing full well that it was September 30th, I didn't notice that the following day... was October 1st. Where did September 31st go?

And for that matter, where did September go?

I spent most of the month of September on the road (more details to follow). I was prolific at taking pictures. However, I was less prolific (in some cases) at making sure my images adhered to the weekly photography challenge. So, let's take a look...