What is this website?

This is a personal blog, and it's not really being written with much of an audience in mind.

Common topics may include: art, photography, music, travel, and language.

I want technical details!

On the hosting side, I had a few goals for this website:

  • Light-weight and easy to update from afar.
  • Continued adherence to blog format with bells and whistles like RSS, comments, emails.
  • Completely customizable.
  • Cheap

Basically, what I settled on using was a particular static site generator called Zola. It can be a little finicky, but it's a really fantastic tool for generaing blog posts out of markdown, and allows for a lot of user customizability.

This site's design was built on a clone of Joe Clay's Seventeen Cups of Coffee (github repo). This helped fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and I'm super greatful that the code for generating this site was fully openly availible.

One additional component that I'm using is slick which I'm using for image galleries.

The site is hosted by Netlify, who will very rapidly regenerate the site on the server side whenever I make a change. Currently, I am using their free hosting, and I am definitely a big fan, as it makes a website update as smooth as a 'git push'.

Web development can be a bit messy, and it is not my forte, and everything else is my own html/css/javascript/saas/shortcodes/macros/markdown.

Thank goodness there aren't too many technologies to master.