What's it all about?

This is a personal blog, and it's not really being written with much of an audience in mind. I write about whatever I feel like, and I hope that you like it.

Common topics may include: travel, photography, music, books, and hiking.


All content on this website, unless otherwise noted, is copyright Where-Is-Steve, with all rights reserved. This includes all images and text.

Names and details may be changed, omitted, or invented at my discretion for reasons of respect and privacy. In general, if I am writing about another person, assume the encounter has been fictionalized, intentionally and/or via memory lapses.

All writing is my own, unless otherwise noted, and is written only on behalf of myself. It does not reflect the views of any employers, benefactors, or institutions, past, present or future. Writing may contain inaccuracies, and reflects the biases and perspective of the author. The author's perspective is also subject to change.

Geographic data, such as maps, is not intended to be relied upon for any serious purpose. All map data on this website is potentially inaccurate, and is not validated or corrected beyond a cursory glance. Rather, it is there only as an entertaining illustration.

This website very deliberately does not use cookies, analytics, or any tracking mechanisms. I enjoy writing without a direct feedback mechanism.

Technical Attribution

  • This site is built using the static site generator Zola. It's pretty fab.
  • Its layout was initially based on a fork of Joe Clay's Seventeen Cups of Coffee (github repo). This helped fill in the gaps in my knowledge, and I'm super grateful that the code for generating this site was fully openly available.
  • I'm using Netlify for hosting. A website update is exactly as smooth as a 'git push'.
    • Additionally, I have started to use Azure Blob Storage for some hosting of larger resources, simply to avoid having my git repo blow up to too large of a size, thanks to too many images.
  • Email subscription uses a combination of Azure Functions and Socketlabs, glued together via a custom library.
  • I'm using slick for image carousels (the ones with arrows that fade between pics.)
  • I'm using sort-table for dynamically sortable HTML tables.
  • Maps are being rendered via the open source Javascript library Open Layers. It's pretty fantastic.

Web development can be a bit messy, and it is not my forte. Everything else is my own trial, error, and patchy patching.