A Mild Case of COVID-19

✍️ 🕑 Late January, Early February 2022 • Series: Steve in Seattle • Tags: life updateCOVID-19illness

Oh yes.

As I mentioned in my January 52 Frames post, I finally caught that dastardly coronavirus.

Fortunately, it was a mild case of the Omicron variant, and with time and social distancing, I recovered quite quickly. I am very grateful to have been vaccinated and boosted, which I believe helped my symptoms be as mild as they were.

One of the questions I got asked a fair amount was, "where did you catch it?" Given the nature of the ultra-contagious virus that may or may not show its symptoms for days... who's to say?

My best guess is a coffee shop in Tilamook, Oregon, where I may have sipped a beverage whilst admiring a blackboard, home to cafe goers' communal musings.

The topic: your New Year's Resolution.

The answers: generally a range from "put myself out there more," "support indigenous/black/trans voices," and "more Jesus."

Mine was probably, "to continue being COVID free," but alas...

Elote Under The 7 Train, or My New York City Dream

✍️ 🕑 Primarily February 2020 • Series: My Days in New York City • Tags: things to feel nostalgic forgood eatsAirbnbQueensNew York City • Places: Queensboro Plaza, Long Island City Elote Under the 7 Train Knockdown Center Queens Brewery Astoria

View from an elevated train in Astoria (July 2021)
View from an elevated train in Astoria (July 2021)

I started writing this contemporaneously, i.e., while I was crashing in weird airbnb's in Queens in early 2020. In a time when I didn't yet wish to share that I was planning to leave New York City. In a time when I was loving it more and more.

It has since been revised for clarity, readability, and parenthetical asides about death and tragedies. Y'know, the stuff of our present historic moment.

So, this then, is the New York City that I love...