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site updates

Hello, readers!

This is a brief announcement that my hiatus from posting anything but the bare minimum has now ended. I am returning to my wiley ways of sporadically updating the website when I see fit, ideally about things that happened two months ago.

I'd like to forewarn that upcoming content will be temporally muddled, as I plan to simultaneously cover my present and recent past(s), while doubling back to post content that has sat in my drafts folder forever.

Pay attention to the "SERIES: " information at the top or bottom of the post if you get lost.

Meanwhile are a few technical improvements that I've implemented on the backend of the site. Some of them should be readily apparent.

The main one is that there is now a "map" page, which contains a map populated with points which link back to my posts. It was a fun challenge to figure out how to embed geographical coordinates in headers to my markdown files, and automatically aggregate them into an interactive map (using the OpenLayers javascript library.)

I might write a post some day on how it's implemented, but since I decided to go ahead and ship my minimally viable product without a fair deal of refactoring and improvements, well.. I'mma hold off for now.

A less noticeable improvement is that when you click "continue reading" on a post, it will now send you to the point where the introductory text stopped. I don't know why it took me two years to fix that. But it did.

As for other changes, hopefully you won't notice them.

Steve out!

Thanks for reading!

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