Six Penny Trail

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The sign for the trail.

The Six-Penny trail is another loop trail in French Creek State Park. It is longer and more scenic than the sedate Turtle Trail, as it passes both the Six Penny creek, and some ruins of old campsites. The trail was also much less trafficked when I was on it, perhaps owing to the need to take a short hike to the trailhead itself.

I hiked this on a Friday evening, and parked near the campground, which was positively stuffed with people.

Trail Information
Name Six Penny Trail
Type loop
Location French Creek State Park
State PA
Country USA
Miles 4.2
Difficulty easy
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Park officers recommended that I park in an overflow parking area near site D. This was a great recommendation and the perfect place to start hiking from. The road with the parking area continues beyond a locked gate, and if you disembark from your vehicle and continue along this road a relatively short distance, then you will hit the trailhead.

Enter from here.
Enter from here.

Most of the trail (as befits Southeast Pennsylvania) is relatively rocky.

This is the terrain.

The trail has a long stretch that disallows bicycles, though there is a hillier trail that parallels this one that is open to bikers. Some parkgoers seem to have made their negative feelings clear.

Love these mushrooms
There are a number of these lil white flowers

Once you've walked a significant enough distance, you will come to Six Penny creek, which is rather pretty.


The disused camping area is full of old pipes and concrete that have been exposed to the elements. There was also some broken glass here, so I would definitely recommend being careful while checking this area out.


As the trail nears the access road, you get a clear view of a water tower.

The water tower

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