Bad Internet in Bad Aachen

travelaachengermanySeries: Western Europe 2018

This post continues a series recounting some travel mostly in Western Europe in Summer 2018.

A view of one side of Aachen's cathedral from its old town center.
A view of one side of Aachen's cathedral from its old town center.

I was pretty damn tired.

I flew back to Berlin from Budapest and spontaneously stayed in a friend's apartment. I had a train to catch, departing from Berlin Hauptbahnhof at 6:51 AM.

Four hours later, I needed to change trains in Köln. I was immensely pleased to have the chance to look at the famous and beautiful cathedral, and immensely displeased to discover my connection was cancelled.

Fortunately, the German rail system is designed with flexibility in mind, and so there wasn't actually any hard requirement that I needed to ride on that particular train. I caught the next one, an hour or so later.

Fresh-faced and dewey-eyed, I emerged into the charming city of Aachen.

Hidden Bunny

wildlife photographySeries: Photo of the Week

I promised I would eventually share a photo of a baby rabbit.

Many of these sweet bunnies live in the forests near my parents house. They are quick to run when startled. The older rabbits zip away quickly, but sometimes the younger ones, petrified, are a little bad at disappearing from sight.

I had no intention of startling this bunny, and I had no idea they were even nearby until they were already petrified. So, I took a picture.

petrified baby rabbit.

Happy Monday!

(Pointless EXIF data after the break.)