Big Bunny

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One of the unsung vermin of American city life is the rabbit. I feel like I see them skulking about at night, crossing the roads now and then, wherever I am, from Pittsburgh to Seattle.

Increasingly, as spring has sprung, I’ve been seeing rabbits running about near the Seattle sidewalks. Sometimes at day, sometimes at night.

Never before though, have I spotted one from outside my home office window, popping by to provide a lot of entertainment before a discussion about what would make us feel successful at work. It was humongous, and it ate a leaf.

I had a camera at arm’s reach, and I pointed it out the window with reckless abandon, not realizing it was stopped down and photographing with a slow, slow shutter speed. The sort that cannot cope with subject movement from a fast paced bunny rabbit.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

Image On Where-Is-Steve

Image On Where-Is-Steve


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