52 Frames (March 2022)

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This month, I started out feeling a bit uninspired with some of my weekly photography challenges. Some of them came at times when I was more interested in focusing on other themes. And others came just before or after I had a really good run of photographs using similar techniques, when I would have liked to pivot to something else.

But despite my frustrations, I had the impetus to try and create some things that I enjoyed. I remain content to stick with it.

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9. Reflections

Naturally, this challenge had to come the week before my visit to Ancient Lakes. Fortunately, however, it coincided with a visit to Bremerton.

This photograph overlooks the marina in the morning, with a cloudy sky reflected in the water below, moody fog, and a single rowboat headed somewhere.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

Unfortunately, it’s a bit shite compositionally. The lines are all over the place and I was not able to tame them in post-production. Besides that, I feel like the photograph has a lot of elements jostling for attention in an unharmonious way – the propellor in the foreground, for example.

But hey, I chose this photograph because I thought the subject matter fit the theme better than many of my other marina pics.

It was a beautiful morning, after all.

10. Low Key

“Low Key” was the challenge I got for the week when I actually did visit Ancient Lakes. Naturally, needing to shoot a shadowy image while hiking somewhere with loads and loads of direct sunlight is difficult. (I ran into similar issues with the same challenge last year.)

(I mean, I also could have taken the photo earlier in the week, but I was either busy and/or uninspired.)

Image On Where-Is-Steve

So, here we are. The middle ground’s light-crested shadows probably fit the brief better than my submission from last time, but I really loathe the way the main rock walls are clipped to basically pure black, while the sky remains bright.

I probably should have hit this with a graduated filter in post, but hey, it does fit the brief.

11. An Activity

This prompt is a fun one! I used it as an excuse to go out and try shooting some people on the street (and around Pike Place Market) on a busy Saturday. To no one’s surprise, busy Pike Place was a lousy place to capture much with its swarming, huge, maskless crowds, but Capital Hill’s own Broadway was a perfect sitch.

I enjoy trying to shoot people on the street, but I’m lousy at it. On this particular day, I was using one of my favorite camera and lens combinations, with a long focal length and excellent subject separation. I saw these two on the other side of an intersection that I was ready to cross, and quickly hit the shutter button, though my frame was not level.

Seconds later, a flurry of cars darted between us, rendering retakes impossible.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

And just before the light turned to a walk sign, the two embraced one another. 😍

I’m not actually a fan of the 5:4 crop I went with. It should be higher on the Y-axis. The subjects may be perfectly centered in the frame, but the presence of more large, in focus curb compared to less, more distant awning makes the photo look a bit… skewed low in a way that I do not find enjoyable.

12. Long Shutter

Just after finishing a fantastic creative workshop focused on time, for which I workshopped a set of photos, many of which featured slow shutter speeds… I get this challenge. I have so many excellent, earlier candidates.

How can I want to revisit this right now? Flowers are out! I want to look for birdies!

But alas, I went on a little late night excursion to Gas Works Park with some friends. Here they are in a long, 15-second exposure.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

I forgot my mini tripod and the release cable, so there’s quite a lot of camera shake in the resulting photo, but since the camera got to stay still after an initial jostle, things ain’t too bad.

Can you spot the Space Needle?

Thanks for reading!

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