52 Frames (April 2022)

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This month has been a whirlwind of activity for me, and though my blogging activity has been focused quite intently on wrapping up some loose threads from last September & December, my 52 Frames activity has been anchored in the present.

It’s impossible to take a photo a week without those photographs representing the time and space in which you find yourself.

So in this case, the photos take us to Pittsburgh, New York City, and back up to Skagit County, north of Seattle. Rather weird that I would have spent so many days on the least coast, but perhaps, it only makes sense that we’ve got at least one photo from the only city in the world that matters

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13. Emotion

We start the month with an open-ended challenge and a short visit to Pittsburgh. One minute, I was giving career advice to students at my alma mater.

The next, I was at the Carnegie Museum with Nik and his daughter Fitbit, who was enthused by a paleontology activity. I got permission to post this one.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

The emotion? Youthful curiosity.

14. Nature

Does a tulip field count as nature? In my definition, probably not.

They are natural flowers, but their arrangement is man-made, and motivated by commercialism or ideals of beauty, rather than ones of utility. They sustain little other than the tulip industry.

But, oh, what gorgeous, colorful flowers!

Image On Where-Is-Steve

I had meant to get out to the parts of Skagit County that are lovely for birding, but had merely made it to the tulip festival instead, and this pic seemed to fit the theme well enough, so up it went.

I make no promises, but there may be more where this came from.

15. Extreme Closeup

There are, at the very least, more flowers.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

These ones were quite tiny & part of a bush, and I snapped them whilst walking around my neighborhood in Seattle, on my way to pick up some coffee beans before skipping out of town again.

This is as close as my camera could focus. I probably could have cropped it, but w/e, the streak of weekly photographs remained intact.

16. Lamp

And intact it would remain for another week. Quite late in the weak, during a visit to New York City, I snapped this whilst walking between my parents’ hotel, and Grand Central Station, where I was catching a Queens-bound 7 train, naturally.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

I had little time to edit this, and definitely could have done a better job, but I think the moodiness works to good effect.

And those were my photographs, and that was my month of April. Please tell me the passage of time eventually slows down, right?

Thanks for reading!

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