52 Frames (September 2021)

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Oh dear! I’m a day late posting this again.

Well, my excuse is simple. I never actually memorized how many days are in a month. So, despite knowing full well that it was September 30th, I didn’t notice that the following day… was October 1st. Where did September 31st go?

And for that matter, where did September go?

I spent most of the month of September on the road (more details to follow). I was prolific at taking pictures. However, I was less prolific (in some cases) at making sure my images adhered to the weekly photography challenge. So, let’s take a look…

36. Woman

In the week leading up to my departure from the East Coast, one of the few women (or people) that I interacted with face-to-face was my mother. Coordinating a photograph between our schedules was rather difficult, and we ended up outside with lots of harsh sunlight around.

I wanted a relaxed, candid, photograph that wasn’t too brightly lit.

This image, of mom and Shelby, fit the bill.

Mom & Shelby

Thanks, mom!

37. Man

Having left Pennsylvania, I couldn’t repeat the exercise with my dad. Instead, I was hoping for a good opportunity, to take a picture of someone, maybe a friend on my trip westwards.

But, when I spotted this T-shirt, being worn at Summerfest in Miluwakee, I knew that it certainly represented a certain type of man. So, I went with it.

Toxic Masculinity

38. Curves

I must have taken a billion images that included curves, yet, I did not have the time to go through and curate them, especially as I was spending my nights camping.

So, this image, from the Medicine Wheel in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming did the trick. (What a gorgeous place!)

Medicine Wheel

39. My Daily Routine

I thought about taking a picture of myself shaving in the car, but I haven’t shaved in a month.

I thought about using a picture of my laptop in front of me, but it seemed boring – and I hadn’t been on my laptop much anyway.

Instead, I settled on the act of driving, and submitted this cellphone snap from icy roads into Yellowstone.

Slushy road!

There’s more to come, I promise. Much more.

Thanks for reading!

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