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I will unapologetically soapbox here. I love RSS Feeds, and it makes me very happy that this blog (and numerous others across the interwebs) supply them.

Add RSS feeds to a feed aggregator of your choice, such as Feedly, and you'll be good to go. This is also an easy method to add lots of blogs from across the internet and get updates from them in one fell swoop, so I recommend it. Any aggregator should be able to locate the RSS if you just paste in the URL for this site, but if you want the feed directly, just follow this link.


Personally, my email is for junk mail, correspondence, and nothing else. If you're the sort of person that likes mailing lists though, I wash my hands of your life choices and allow subscription via this widget hastily embedded below.

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I recently re-vamped the email system to run on an Azure Function App. For some details, checkout this post!