Welcome to my playlist! This is a page where I share some music that I happen to have been listening to lately. The playlist as a whole may or may not flow properly, but it is a showcase for music that I have been enjoying, at least at the time. Generally, this will be updated in conjunction with “the Month in Review” posts.

Each row contains some modest metadata about each song, along with links to YouTube and Spotify. In cases where a music platform does not have a particular recording, the next closest option has been substituted. If a recording is removed, this playlist will not be updated, and you, dear reader, should use the metadata to seek out the track during other means if you are so inclined.

To listen to every song in order, there are overarching playlists here on Spotify, and here on YouTube. These are more-or-less accurate, as tracks may not be available and may be substituted and/or omitted. The less easy method of individually clicking junk on the table below is likely better.

Date Added Artist Title Year Bandcamp Spotify Youtube
2023-11-07 David Bowie Stay 1976 N/A Link Link
2023-11-07 Simon and Garfunkel Keep the Customer Satisfied 1970 N/A Link Link
2023-11-07 The Dismemberment Plan Ellen and Ben 2001 N/A Link Link
2023-10-25 Cut Copy Hearts on Fire 2008 N/A Link Link
2023-10-25 Radiohead Weird Fishes / Arpeggi 2007 Link Link Link
2023-10-25 Mabel Matiz Derin Olur 2023 N/A Link Link
2023-09-26 Sacre 01:00 AM PINK MAMBA 2020 N/A Link Link
2023-09-26 Rue Relativity 2023 Link Link Link
2023-09-26 Astra King First Love 2023 Link Link Link
2023-08-17 Jean-Luc Ponty Infinite Pursuit 1985 N/A Link Link
2023-08-17 Chico Buarque Cotidiano 1971 N/A Link Link
2023-08-17 Haruomi Hosono Laughter Meditation 1993 N/A Link Link
2023-08-05 EABS Meets Jaubi Raise Your Hearts, Drop Your Guns 2023 Link Link Link
2023-08-05 Roland Kirk Serenade to a Cuckoo 1965 N/A Link Link
2023-08-05 Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra Waiting Games 2016 N/A Link Link
2023-07-30 EABS Meets Jaubi Strange Love 2023 Link Link Link
2023-07-30 Katie Gately Scale 2023 Link Link Link
2023-07-30 Barış Demirel (feat. Kayra) Özlesem de Birini 2023 N/A Link Link
2023-03-31 TEYA & SALENA Who the Hell Is Edgar? 2023 N/A Link Link
2023-03-31 Käärijä Cha Cha Cha 2023 N/A Link Link
2023-03-31 Reiley Let it Ring 2021 N/A Link Link
2023-02-28 Yellow Magic Orchestra War & Peace (Live in London, 2008) 2008 N/A N/A Link
2023-02-28 ROOO Bubble Design 2023 Link N/A N/A
2023-02-28 Mose Allison Your Mind is On Vacation 1962 N/A Link Link
2023-01-31 Son of Dave Carry On 2020 Link Link Link
2023-01-31 Billy Preston Nothing From Nothing 1974 N/A Link Link
2023-01-31 Cannonball Adderly with Sergio Mendes Groovy Samba 1974 N/A Link Link
2022-12-31 Nilüfer Yanya stabilise 2022 Link Link Link
2022-12-31 Yellow Magic Orchestra Seoul Music 1981 N/A Link Link
2022-12-31 Dilan Balkay Karanlığa Döndüğüm Gün 2021 N/A Link Link