March 2023 in Review

Birthdays, Pizza, and Bushwacking

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Is this the kind of birthday party I had this month? I don't quite think so.
Is this the kind of birthday party I had this month? I don't quite think so.

The amount of energy I’ve had to devote to blog posts this month is… low.

And there were good reasons for it, like having 16 unexpected visitors (❤) or spending a weekend walking up and down some hills.

So let’s get into it!

Eurovision 2023: First Impressions (feat. Chelsea & Brit)

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Alright, we’re back with the fourth annual Eurovision First Impressions post, taking a look at each entry into the Eurovision Song Competition for this year.

This year we have entrants from 37 countries, fewer than recent years. Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia all withdrew citing financial constraints, which is a pity because they are all countries I am enthusiastic about seeing in the competition. (And yes, they are countries that have delivered some top tier bangers.)

My expectations are somewhat diminished, as I have foreknowledge that many of the entrants are singing primarily in English (possibly in a greater proportion than previous years), and because I have on good authority that there are a lot of rock songs in here.

Do I want Eurovision to rock?

Most certainly not.

Joining me for this endeavor is Chelsea, who you may recall from last year’s post, or from being mentioned all the time on this site.

Chelsea’s pal Brit, who has never watched any Eurovision anything ever, is also in town and her commentary enriches this post.

Together, we listened to all 37 songs for the first time, and I did my best to jot down the comments and conversation. And so, dear reader, we hope that you’ll enjoy our takes.