The One Trail I Hike With Colleagues

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Many years ago in 2019, I hiked a trail somewhere in the Cascades to a beautiful waterfall, with Andrew, Nik, (both former officemates) Cynthia, and Fitbit.

We had copious amounts of LaCroix, took copious amounts of pictures, and had a copious amount of fun.

And yet, after I actually moved to Seattle, I realized that I didn't actually know which waterfall trail I was on, because there were a lot of them.

Want a photo with more context than this one? Read on!
Want a photo with more context than this one? Read on!

Well, cue July 2022. At work, some colleagues were visiting from Europe. We decided to go on a hike one Saturday.

And yes, it was the same hike.

So, in all of my time in the Pacific Northwest so far, I've gone on quite a few solo hikes, and only this one with other people. Twice.

Oh, What a Beautiful Place! / For a Military Base... 🎵

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And a beautiful place for a shipwreck too...
And a beautiful place for a shipwreck too...

On my last morning of the trip, I awoke with a splitting headache, and decided I didn't really need to hang out around Cannon Beach.

Nearby Ecola Creek State Park was inaccessible due to sinkholes, so I proceeded north to the town of Seaside. I stopped for a bagel and coffee. They were almost passable.

Afterwards, I stopped at Fort Stevens State Park. My expectations were low, but this park, nestled in the northwestern-most corner of Oregon, turned out to be quite a beautiful place...

...for a military base.

Haystacks, Milkshakes, Erosion

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The fog on the road out of Bayocean Provincial Park was quite picturesque
The fog on the road out of Bayocean Provincial Park was quite picturesque

After I awoke in my hotel room, I had an ambitious day ahead.

Work, yes. But I also wanted to see some natural beauty, enjoy some culinary treats, and visit one of Oregon's most famous attractions.

Today was the day I was going to visit both Cannon Beach and the Tilamook Creamery.

Over A Few Clouds

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I was texting a friend from Los Angeles, and I was jokingly complaining that I regretted leaving California behind. Ever since that moment, I was again absorbed into the drab lack of sunlight I had left Seattle to avoid.

And though I was joking, there was some truth there.

Scenic? views at Boiler Bay
Scenic? views at Boiler Bay open_in_full   info

Why would I stop at overlooks when I couldn't see anything, or get sopping wet on a short walk?

What joys could this day possibly bring?

(Spoilers: many, many joys)