52 Frames (August 2022)

✍️ 🕑 August 2022 • Series: 52 Frames

For each of the “weekly photography challenges this month” I went at least a little out of my way to go somewhere around Seattle. But, I don’t think this month’s are as nice as last month’s. So that’s that.

Read on for the images & self-reflection yadda-yadda.


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31. Choose a Color

For this, I used an automatic color generator. The color I got was copper. What could I take a picture of that would be copper colored?

I did my best to do this, but I’m still asking myself that question.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

(This photo, on the other hand, is of a Seattle tourist trap, the first in a series of global tourist traps from a particular union-busting multi-national corporation, known for burning the shit out of their main product.)

32. Night Photography

I really dislike that this challenge is in the middle of the summer, when the sun sets super late. If it was in winter, I’d have been much happier because I’d be doing so much more of my boring hobbyist shooting at night. Alas!

Image On Where-Is-Steve

For this one, I just ventured out to Capitol Hill’s 15th Ave Business District, which is home to Costal Kitchen.

I’ve never been to the restaurant, but I like their sign a lot. They’re still under reconstruction after a driver intentionally crashed his car into the storefront in May, miraculously injuring no one.

33. Water

I think I took better water shots the weeks before & after this one, including the next photo.

I did very deliberately go out to the touristy waterfront section of Downtown Seattle, but I did it an hour or so before I should have. So the sun was low and very present in the direction I was looking out. Of the shots I took, this is one where I liked the framing more, but I still didn’t love it.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

Ironically, for all the time I spent on the water this month, this was it for photographs from me this month.

I briefly thought that I might substitute a cellphone snap on the Snoqualmie river Sunday afternoon, but I ended up not taking any pictures. I also ended up killing my cellphone. More on that later.

34. Peace

I’m not in love with everything about this shot.

Image On Where-Is-Steve

I don’t like the poles. I like the barge, but I don’t like it in this photograph.

What I do like is the image of people leaving the pier behind, and the tranquility of the lake (more or less).

That’s why I picked this shot, from Magnusson Park, Lake Washington.

Thanks for reading!

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