A Working Holiday?

✍️ 🕑 January 13-14, 2022 • Series: Califorests & Shoregon • Tags: good eatsbeachessunsetsbird photographyState/Provincial ParksPacific OceanCaliforniaCalifornia • Places: Crescent City, CA Sue-meg State park

Feeling hemmed in by the double whammy of January gloom and Omicron woes, I couldn't shake the indescribable urge to get out of town.

Naturally, I had ordered tourism brochures from some of Washington State's neighbors, becoming fixated on catching some sea and sunshine. Though, perhaps, I wasn't absolutely hellbent on the sunshine, because I did start imagining Northern California and the Oregon Coast as my location, places likely to be as foggy and wet as my home base.

When I realized Martin Luther King Jr. Day (re: a paid day off at my current job, and not my last one) was coming up, I thought, how better to celebrate the achievements of one of America's greatest Civil Rights Leaders than to go on vacation...

And by vacation, I meant, mostly workcation, obvi.

The beach, (or rather, a warning sign on the beach,) Crescent City, California -- my first stop.
The beach, (or rather, a warning sign on the beach,) Crescent City, California -- my first stop.

This, then, is the inaugural post in a "series" covering this road trip. Since it wasn't super long and since Steve was working, there can't be that much to cover, right?

Surely Steve sticks within their limits, right?


Well, the text-to-image ratio is probably going to be skewed in favor of "images," but I still managed to be out of town for a nice 9-ish days. Which means you can probably expect 9ish posts, unless I feel weirdly compelled to write one on the mating habits of sea lions. (Not happening!)

So, please, buckle in and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy my triumphs and tribulations, my feeble attempts to capture the overwhelmingly lovely natural beauty that surrounded me and occasionally rendered itself visible through the thick fog.