52 Frames (December 2021)

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Here it is. My final blog post of 2021. And, unsurprisingly to anyone who has paid attention to my "last post of the month" for the last year, it's a post about 52 frames.

I have now succeeded in completing 52... nay, 53 weekly photographic challenges.

I can crown myself a more experienced photographer who has tried and learned a few approaches.

Additionally I can appoint myself the role of "lazy bones" who sometimes puts in the bare minimum in order to complete an assignment. (Bet literally every teacher I've ever had, but particularly those from grades Kindergarten through 10 would agree...)

There are some weeks where my focus wasn't really on photography, but there are some others with some good results. Generally the quality of the result was related to the quality of effort I put in.

Who'da thunk?

My 11-hour 16.7 mile Haleakala Crater Hike

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More of this shall follow
More of this shall follow

2021 is almost wrapping up, and I have a lot of pictures I haven't edited or organized, and events I haven't written about.

That's okay!

I'll do it someday... Or, never... It doesn't really matter.

But it would be a tragedy if I didn't write about my favorite hike of the year and one of the single most spectacular places I visited before 2021 ended.

So here goes.

Warning: a quadrillion images will ensue...

Duck Around & Find Out

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This house's “don't throw garbage here” sign is flapping in the breeze, as per usual.
This house's “don't throw garbage here” sign is flapping in the breeze, as per usual. open_in_full   info

After visiting family for Thanksgiving, I returned to Seattle.

On my first weekend back in town, I got a cheap vacuum cleaner, and I cleaned my apartment. Then, I got a coronavirus booster shot, and collapsed into lethargy.

Since then, I've been bouncing around, seeing people and doing stuff, or alternatively, getting my blog closer to some semblance of updated or completed. Oh, heck, I also did some baking too.

I've also been very much enjoying some of the quieter pre-holiday workdays, and have been taking advantage of some flexibility in order to catch a bit of sunlight... and yes, some ducks.

This then is a hodgepodge of topics and events... and even then, I'm leaving out a solid half of my photographs.