Wild Berries

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A blackberry bush.

One of the really fortunate things about growing up in my corner of Southeastern Pennsylvania is that I got to enjoy wild raspberries and wild blackberries, which would grow in a lot of places. They're delicious, and totally edible.

Photo of the Week: EXIF DATA
Time StampFriday, July 24 2020 at 07:01 PM
Camera MakePanasonic
Camera ModelDMC-GX85
Focal Length112mm
Apertureƒ/6 or 8 or so
Exposure Time0.0125s

I don't think I was very good at discerning sour under ripe berries from their shinier, riper counterparts. As an adult, I know that they're ripe for photographic excellence.

Actually, this isn't true. They're a bit difficult to capture well.

Perhaps a less fruitful photo of wild raspberries.
Perhaps a less fruitful photo of wild raspberries.

If you go for macro-level detail, the plane of focus is narrow and its difficult to encompass the berry, and if you go for a wider angle, it's easy for some detail to be lost.

A wider shot of a blackberry bush.
A wider shot of a blackberry bush.

To end: another berry memory.

I distinctly remember coming home from some family vacation and being thoroughly peeved that berry season came and went while I was out of town.

You'd think going on vacation would have been enough for me.

But, nah. Berries.

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