Common Milkweed

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Blooming Milkweed

Humble milkweed.

A plant so named, because if you break its stem, it will produce a milky syrup. Incidentally, that “milk” is poisonous to humans.

I really think it’s a cool plant.

star-shaped flowers in a spherical shape

In particular, the spherical arrangement of star-shaped flowers sticks out to me as somewhat unique among plants of this region.

I love the way they look when the7 have only buds and not yet flowers.

pods on milkweed

I noticed the milkweed growing in a thick patch between the water tower and retention pond within the confines of an unfinished housing development near my parents’ house, and I’ve seen it in a few other spots elsewhere.

A vibrant red beetle on a milkweed leaf.
A vibrant red beetle on a milkweed leaf.
Photo of the Week: EXIF DATA
Image EXIF data describes
Time StampFriday, June 26 2020 at 04:11 PM
Camera MakePanasonic
Camera ModelDMC-GX85
Focal Length30.0mm
Exposure Time0.016666666666666666s

I don’t have much else to say, because I think the subject matter stands quite tall on its own.

tall milkweed

(I promise I also took photos of log cabins, and an adorable baby bunny rabbit, but they’re not milkweed.)

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