Vague Promises About Future Where-Is-Steve Content

site updatesCOVID-19

This is a public service announcement.

I am still at home with nothing to do except for making coffee, listening to music, photographing flowers, walking through un-built housing developments, working full time, watching baking shows with my parents, and desperately awaiting the end of a global pandemic that certainly hasn’t been used as an excuse to further disenfranchise precarious workers while quietly abolishing regulations and restrictions and ethics for billionaires. As someone with a grand sense of perspective, I can only assume that my current plans for this blog are at the forefront of your thinking…

Planned Upcoming Content

I have a few series of posts in progress at the moment. One is a condensed version of some Turkey-specific travel information I started writing up not that long after I left Tokat. I hope that you’ll find my out-of-date impressions of overnight bus trips enlightening and engaging.

Another is the story of how I moved to New York City, from the vantage of having recently left it. I started writing about this in a post previously, and I swear my writing will get only more energetic as I plug my airbnb affiliate link while criticizing their customer support.

Lastly but not leastly, I’m writing a nice humble brag about this one time I traveled for work and wound up forced to do laundry a bunch of times before I came home. Also, I spent some time in an ugly city with a pretty church. Why? You’ll have to read and find out!

Beyond those topics, please do let me know if there’s something I should write about. I set this blog up primarily for discussing travel, while pretending the title is a catch-all pertinent to all topics. Since I’m not able to travel currently, I would like to write about something else.

If you want to do the hard work of brainstorming (a.k.a. if you want to think up my topics for me), feel free. You can reach me by sending an email to literally ANYTHING at this domain name. Pretty cool, huh?

Site Redesign

I think I’ve figured out how “Cascading Style Sheets” work. If I’m right, I’ll be darned if I keep this website looking quite the way it does. I have a refresh in progress, and my main to-do is to make sure it scales okay to screens of different sizes, and also to make sure it isn’t wretched and broken. Believe me, I am setting the bar high when it comes to the design of this website.

I’m not sure when this will blip into existence, but for the sake of making an arbitrary deadline, let’s say June or sooner.

Thanks for reading!

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