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2022 & January 2023 In Review

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Brace yourself, reader.

Since last December, I've been quite busy, and it's time for me to share a bit of what I've been up to. This post is extra long, because I'm also sharing my reflection on the year 2022, which I probably should have posted at the beginning of the month, but whatever.

We've also got four weekly photography challenges, some tunes that I like, and a plethora of links for other things that you can read elsewhere.

Called to the Sunset

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Image On Where-Is-Steve

Image On Where-Is-Steve

After a memorable morning walk, and a visit to Masset and Old Masset, I returned to my campsite. I was looking at the number of days I had ahead of myself, and thought about the possible things I could do.

I had recently realized that the Haida Gwaii Museum was closed on Sunday, and so my goal of visiting it was unlikely to work out. Perhaps this wasn't the time to visit Dajing Giids after all.

Something in the Agate Beach Campground didn't speak to me, and something in my soul, in my intuition, or a voice from somewhere just told me that I ought to leave and go elsewhere. I wasn't sure where the elsewhere was yet, but there were a number of other camping spots on Graham Island or Moresby Island, and I figured it would be better to drive down towards one of them now, then to get up early, pack my stuff, and have to drive in the morning.

In the Beginning...

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I wanted to get up early and visit Rose Spit. I wanted to be there alone. I wanted to feel like I was in the place where the Haida were created.

Destiny was on my side. I had somehow misplaced the pump to my air mattress, and slept somewhat uncomfortably. I woke uncomfortably early, gave myself a charlie horse, and decided it was a sign that it was time for me to get moving.

I would see how far along the shore my four wheel drive station wagon could take me...

Tow Hill Loop

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I left Port Clements behind me, heading for the Delkata Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Agate Beach Campground in the northern section of Naikoon Provincial Park. There I had a nice little hike ahead of me. And, some rain.

Let's get into it.

A view of the forest and the surf, from near my campsite.
A view of the forest and the surf, from near my campsite. open_in_full 

The Shapes In The Sky Are Eagles

Visiting Pesuta & Port Clements

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I didn't get to do all that much after I arrived on Graham Island, Haida Gwaii. Ferry delays made sure of that.

So, when I awoke in Misty Meadows Campground the following morning, I wanted to seize the opportunity to go do something. Do what, exactly?

I knew I wanted to explore Née Kún (Naikoon) Provincial Park. I knew I wanted to stretch my legs and experience some of the islands' famed natural beauty.

I also knew that the nearest, popular hiking trail led to a shipwreck.

Would it be worth my while?