A Peaceful Morning at Eau Galle, Wisconsin

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Roadways between the interstate and rural Wisconsin.
Roadways between the interstate and rural Wisconsin.

My milkshake was unfinished.

The lumps wouldn't make it up my straw.

Night had long since fallen by the time I made it to the Highland Ridge Campground.

I picked the spot (near the Eau Galle Lake in Wisconsin) because it had some nearby hiking trails, a lake, and it seemed good for birding. And, it had a few nice, tent-specific campsites. And, of course, it was well-situated for my next and final urban friend visit.

I accidentally circled the campground road twice, struggling to make out the signage specifically for the tent sites which were genuinely hard to see from the road, but easily making out the signs for each irrelevant (to me) car site.

2021 -> 2022

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Good lord.

I may have finally become the sort of person who writes self-reflections and resolutions in the hopes of having a more productive, well-adjusted year in which I achieve goals. Yuck!

Unfortunately, I'm guilty as charged. So without further ado, here is... my reflection.

Dead End Street Scribble Scribble
Dead End Street Scribble Scribble

Corporate Espionage (Music Video)

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I made a music video out of footage that I shot whilst driving from Pennsylvania to Washington State.

I think it's amongst the best songs that I've written. In fact, it's one of the very, very few that can be classified as an earnest and heartfelt love song...

Here it is:

Corporate Espionage (Music Video) Youtube video Click to load YouTube video.

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And continue reading for the full lyrics...