52 Frames (April 2021)

✍️ 🕑 April 2021 • Series: 52 Frames • Tags: photographydeerValley Forge

Another month means another four weeks, which means another four photography challenges. Hurrah!

So, what did we do?

14. Fast Shutter

Ironically, a lot of the images I took when I prepared for this challenge were ones where I should have used a faster shutter speed than I did. The need to quickly grab a shot in the heat of the moment, though, meant that I had no time to stop and think about camera settings.

The photo I went with was this one:

A deer careens through a half-constructed housing development.

I had been out and about taking pictures of birds near the unfinished housing developments, when out of nowhere a deer careened through the landscape. I followed with my camera, and was pleasantly surprised to find I had managed to take some usable, in focus images. This is one of them (though I would have benefitted from a higher burst rate and faster shutter speed.)

Towards Lighter Weight Youtube Embeds

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A friend let me know that the post I wrote on my first impressions of Eurovision was loading nearly a hundred scripts into the browser.

The reason for this is simple. Besides the relatively minimalist amount of client-side Javascript I use on this site, I happened to embed 39 YouTube videos, each of which loaded an additional two scripts into the browser.

The result is a rather bloated user experience; one that performs poorly on my six-year-old phone.

There's a simple solution to this problem: don't embed more than a couple of videos in a post, and there will be no such glut. Unfortunately, this solution is not to my liking. I like having a bajillion vids there.

Another, heftier approach would be to embed the YouTube videos only if the end user wants them there. This is what I've decided to do.