Crow's Nest Preserve

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The Natural Lands Trust is a non-profit organization that owns numerous nature preserves in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The Crow's Nest preserve is one of these, situated on the outskirts of the Hopewell Big Woods, near French Creek State Park and the Hopewell Furnace Historic Site.

French Creek at the Preserve
Trail Information
Name Crow's Nest Preserve
Type trail system
Location Elverson
State PA
Country USA
Miles 9
Difficulty very easy
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For more information on the preserve, check out the official website. The Crow's Nest Preserve contains many hiking trails, and of them, areas near the parking lot that run by French Creek were by far my favorite. I actually visited twice, so I think I have some pretty stellar photos from both trips.

Planks nearer the creek
Wild berries
Wild mushrooms

Many of the other areas of the park run through fields, meaning that there is limited shade and limited scenery, though there are more opportunities in these areas for bird-watching.

I love this bird photo
A home on the edge of the property
A home on the edge of the property

I wasn't a big fan of hiking along the fields, especially because it felt like I was just walking through a bunch of wet grass without any real objective. But, I am glad that this land is being preserved, made open to the public, and that it is home to some really nice areas near French creek.

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