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Six years ago, I started writing a blog called Steve in Turkey.

My primary goal was to document my first experience studying abroad, or even just spending time in a country outside of North America.

Realistically, though, I had a few more important priorities in mind.

I needed to assuage my mother’s anxieties, document countless waffle photographs, and occasionally post something.

Well, that was then and this is now. My blog has changed, and my goals have changed as well…

Since those early days in Turkey, I’ve gone back a few times, including to teach English for a year. I planned to return and continue that work, but accidentally found gainful employment back in my home country, though I have been taking increasingly lengthy vacations…

I may write about some of those past experiences. Let’s be honest here… Human memory is a porous thing, and I will forget details sooner or later, so it’s better for me to have an excuse to force myself to remember.

In the process, I’m hoping that I can improve my writing ability and the kind of story-telling I’m doing. My previous blog was written in a very matter-of-fact manner, where I did my best to be rather unopinionated. I realize that the internet is a public platform and that in many circumstances tongue-holding is wise, but I remember feeling a bit bored to write it.

I have spent some of my travel time reading books, writing poetry, and thinking. And there will be more of that on here.

Framed another way: If the truth is boring, may it be embellished. And if the truth is scary, may my mother believe it a fabrication and my well-being ensured.

The name of this blog is “Where is Steve.”

And I will write about where I am, whether or not the rest of the world is there with me.

Thanks for reading!

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